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EXO-26BR Full Face Mask
Item# 900017-003
The EXO-26BR full-face mask (FFM) is manufactured by Diving Systems International, Inc. The EXO-26 is commonly used for both hard wire or through-water communications. It comes standard with a built in 2nd stage adjustable regulator, head harness, and supply hose.

For underwater communications, we prefer the oral-nasal cavity model. An earphone/microphone assembly can be easily installed via a convenient port located on the right side of the FFM. Our EMX-2 earphone/microphone assembly is used for the non oral-nasal model (EX0-26) and our EMX-2B is used for the oral-nasal model (EX0-26BR).
  • Price:$1,104.25

**Because these items are not manufactured by OTS they are subject to change at anytime without notice and the attached photo may or may not be an exact representation of what is included**

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